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Live Free In The Age Of Connectivity

Small Businesses have been decimated while Big Tech brought in record earnings. Stop paying thousands for technolody and software to help your business grow. Utilize THE COLLECTIVE’s marketplace features and connect directly to your customers, be yourself, and focus on the vision.


Where TC Members can explore and shopt he world around them in a more secure and managed fashion. 

We actively protect Brand Integrity for All Brands by constantly banning “bad faith” merchants selling fake or unauthorized product, maintaining poor ratings on the marketplace, or not adhering to our code of conduct.

Locals Only

If you’re looking for Starcucks, Wallysmart, Targhe, or one of the other major brands, it ain’t here.

We can introduce you to Joe, Alice, and the local gang though. Help revitalize our communities destroyed by COVID-19 by taking a “Small Business First” thought process to your shopping. 

Money’s tight, needs are high, but remember it’s our communities that help us in time of need. Not multinational conglomerates that are controlled by billion dollar hedge funds.

Local Grub

Not rocket science. Only ordering app focused on ordering food for pick up or take out. enabling small and local resturants and food service business to sell without paying a huge commission or platform fee.

Food makes people happy. 

Get Funded

Crowdfund from your friends, family, or community across THE COLLECTIVE platforms. 

Fund your projects and ideas based on their value to TC Members. Get support, followers, just for taking a chance at something great.


Starting At

49$ / Year

TC Member Perks

Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Get Paid For Your Data. Get cashback On Medical Bills, Utility Bills, Mortgages, Rent, Groceries, Everything You Spend Money On.

TC DNA & Economics

THE COLLECTIVE secures, de-identifies, and stores your data in a format you can monetize and control. Invest in you. Control your destiny.

Support The Cause

We are an Independent Movement
For The People, By The People

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Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

Members can share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

Data Ownership

The government thinks its the most important thing in the world, Big Tech makes billions of it a year, you pay to create it everyday, and corporations use it to deny you services. We think it’s time you get in on the action.

The Collective members own and control the data they create and are able to monetize it by exchanging or selling access to it. 

You create it, you control it, you own it. 

Verified People, Businesses, & Reviews

No Bots, No Fakes, & Real Accountability


Food, Flights, Hotels, And More

The more we learn about our Member’s spending habit the more we can connect them to the Brands, Products, Services, and Experiences they love. 

How It Works

The information our members share with us about what they spend their money on and their likes and follows on The Collective Platform help us understand whats important to them. Once members share a couple months of their expenses we can simply optimize for their happiness. 

Your Data Used To Benefit YOU, Not Companies
Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

TC Members can cash in every time they spend money. Members who share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

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