Own The Data Your Create

Data is the most valuable modern resource in the digital economy next to the loyal user who produces it.

Data generates trillions of dollars of wealth a year for the select few companies, owners, and investors that control it. 

The world will change when People take control of their personal information. Instead of Trillions going to people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and other Billionaires, companies will pay you for the privlege of access it.

Top Data Companies In The U.S.

$ 0 B+
Facebook Revenue 2019
$ 0 B+
Microsoft Revenue 2019
$ 0 B+
Google Revenue 2019
$ 0 B+
Amazon Revenue 2019

Data Ownership

If the People are in control of their Data, they control their future.

Take Control

Data Dividend

Data runs the global economy so why isn't Big Tech giving you your share?

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Data Privacy

Control who has access to your data and what specific data they have access too.

Keep Control

Do You Own Your Information?

Does Facebook or You own everything you post?

Does Google or you own your personal searches?

Who makes money off your data? You or the Big Tech Company?

Do you care if your information gets shared? 

Do you want control who gets access to your information?

Do you know how many companies have your information?

Would you want these companies to know what your children are doing?

Do you feel comfortable with your data being sold to foreign countries?

We Created The Data Dividend
Enroll To Make Up To $1,000 A Year

Big Tech hordes your data and makes billions a year selling access to YOU and YOUR DATA. We built the system that puts those billions back into our members pockets and puts you directly in control of your data.

Social Network

TC Social

Connect to your friends, family, and the world around you on your terms


TC View

View movies, shows, short and long videos, photos, stories, anything


TC Shop

Shop local and online favorites and discover products and brands


TC Facts

Unbiased wiki tracking current events, people, organizations and more

Artifical Intelligence


An A.I. controlled by the individual, works for the individual, 

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Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

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Members can share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

Data Ownership

The government thinks its the most important thing in the world, Big Tech makes billions of it a year, you pay to create it everyday, and corporations use it to deny you services. We think it’s time you get in on the action.

The Collective members own and control the data they create and are able to monetize it by exchanging or selling access to it. 

You create it, you control it, you own it. 

Verified People, Businesses, & Reviews

No Bots, No Fakes, & Real Accountability


Food, Flights, Hotels, And More

The more we learn about our Member’s spending habit the more we can connect them to the Brands, Products, Services, and Experiences they love. 

How It Works

The information our members share with us about what they spend their money on and their likes and follows on The Collective Platform help us understand whats important to them. Once members share a couple months of their expenses we can simply optimize for their happiness. 

Your Data Used To Benefit YOU, Not Companies
Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

TC Members can cash in every time they spend money. Members who share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

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