The Movement

the Movement

Put People First, Ownership Of Personal Data, Accountability Within Society.

Data is and will always be the primary resource of human society after a human being. Data allows those who have it to better control outcomes, better understand the world around them, and the entire modern economy completely depends on it.

Putting People First

Our current economy and legal system incentivizes profits over people. Corporations are considered people but rarely are people ever held accountable. There are only two ways to change the way things are; A universal movement led by everyday people or an organization that can compete with the “BIG CORP.”
We’re here to do both.

Ownership Of Data

Ownership of personal data is a human right. The information that is being collected today by our devices and apps is used to manipulate an individual’s feelings and actions. Big Tech gets fined billions for its abuse.
We help everyday people take control.


People want to know who they’re doing business with, that the person or business is real, and if they are bad faith actors they are held accountable. We’re here to build something better.
All Members are verified & real.

Normal People, Tired Of Waiting For Change

We weren’t happy with what plays 24/7 on the news. We weren’t with the pace of government. We weren’t happy with technology separating society at an ever-increasing rate. We left our jobs, we left the easy paychecks, and we decided to go all in. For us, for you, our children, and the future. Things need to change.

In April 2018 we formed The Collective with a motley crew of professionals, friends, family, and those that believe in building a better system.

We're organizing and mobilizing all those that share in the vision of a world where technology benefits society as a whole.

It doesn't matter your profession or skillset, we're all in this together.

We rather spend our limited startup budget supporting those that support us.

We're a Membership network that is always looking to use the gifts of our members to benefit our entire collective.

It doesn't matter if your skill is knitting or programming, you're an artist or an engineer, all that matters is that you want to participate, help, and make some extra money.

Support The Underdog.

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Data Ownership

The government thinks its the most important thing in the world, Big Tech makes billions of it a year, you pay to create it everyday, and corporations use it to deny you services. We think it’s time you get in on the action.

The Collective members own and control the data they create and are able to monetize it by exchanging or selling access to it. 

You create it, you control it, you own it. 

Verified People, Businesses, & Reviews

No Bots, No Fakes, & Real Accountability


Food, Flights, Hotels, And More

The more we learn about our Member’s spending habit the more we can connect them to the Brands, Products, Services, and Experiences they love. 

How It Works

The information our members share with us about what they spend their money on and their likes and follows on The Collective Platform help us understand whats important to them. Once members share a couple months of their expenses we can simply optimize for their happiness. 

Your Data Used To Benefit YOU, Not Companies
Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
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TC Members can cash in every time they spend money. Members who share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

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