Unlocking The Data Economy

Humanity’s future will be controlled or unlocked through Data. Every year Trillions of dollars of wealth is moved every year because of Data and the People who are creating it aren’t seeing a single cent of it.

Marketing & Advertising

An industry entirely dependent on your personal information to craft their ads and messaging. The Global industry is estimated at $1.7 Trillion in size.

Your Data Is Everything

The Consumer Economy, what you buy, is the largest part of the American and Global Economy. Every business is competing for YOU.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is useless without data. Your personal information and figuring you out is estimated to be worth nearly $1 Trillion by 2030.

You're In Control

The economy doesn't exist without you. Companies do not have power without you. Change everything by taking control of your data.

Claim The Economy You Built

Google, Facebook, and other Tech Companies are the robber barons of the modern world. They’ve built company towns where everything you interact with is theirs. All to extract your personal information and profit off it.


Your Data Can Generate You Up To $1,000 A Year


Can Be Generated Over The Course Of A Lifetime

It Pays To Create Data

Every action and interaction on The Collective’s Platform produces data that you own. We don’t sell it, because you’re the owner of your personal information.


Facebook used to make money every time you post content. Now you do


All our platforms pay you for your part in helping The Collective grow.


Get paid, save money, and get free stuff by getting advertised to.


Money transfers and payments without the fees and hassle.


Members get an automatic 2% Cashback on every purchase.


Generate up to $1,000 a year for the data you create everyday.

Owners Of The Data Economy

The people who control what you see and hear, whats allowed to be talked about and what should be censored, and have profited off the digital world they have created and now control. The Government can’t control them, what will you do?

Support The Cause

We are an Independent Movement
For The People, By The People

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Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

Members can share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

Data Ownership

The government thinks its the most important thing in the world, Big Tech makes billions of it a year, you pay to create it everyday, and corporations use it to deny you services. We think it’s time you get in on the action.

The Collective members own and control the data they create and are able to monetize it by exchanging or selling access to it. 

You create it, you control it, you own it. 

Verified People, Businesses, & Reviews

No Bots, No Fakes, & Real Accountability


Food, Flights, Hotels, And More

The more we learn about our Member’s spending habit the more we can connect them to the Brands, Products, Services, and Experiences they love. 

How It Works

The information our members share with us about what they spend their money on and their likes and follows on The Collective Platform help us understand whats important to them. Once members share a couple months of their expenses we can simply optimize for their happiness. 

Your Data Used To Benefit YOU, Not Companies
Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

TC Members can cash in every time they spend money. Members who share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

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