Freedom Of Speech


The First Amendment gives every Individual the right to speak their opinion, beliefs, and the ability to express that opinion on any medium free from Government restriction.

Until the U.S. Government declares the Internet as a Public Utility every private business has the right to limit who can use their platforms. With the protections afforded by Section 230 and the ability to censor who ever they choose, Tech companies have been given complete control of modern communication.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other major platforms shape public opinions to the most profitable outcome they can engineer with absolutely no oversight.

  • We do not censor or remove political content

  • We do not shadow ban

  • We do not base decisions on social activism of non-members.

  • We govern a living document of what is and is not acceptable so that all members are aware of the rules and regulations

  • All governance decisions will be cited specifically in any rulings on bans, restrictions, and other actions taken in relation to a member

  • All regulations are governed based on the primary freedom referenced.

For humanity to move forward each individual must have the ability to live free to share ideas across the spectrum. As a private organization we are governed by laws out of our direct control and as people, we all have bias. 

THE COLLECTIVE’s Ecosystem is not a 100% FREE SPEECH Zone. THE COLLECTIVE resources powers it and we have the ability to decide who uses it and how they use it. We believe its easier to define what gets you the ban hammer then what doesn’t.

Allowances & Restrictions


The use of profanity is not restricted on The Collective Platform. People curse everyday and its a natural part of human communication. Excessive use of profanity, such as a long non-coherent sentences that consists of a majority of profanity, will be removed. There is no value to the Community discourse in speaking that way. Say it in your head, shout it in your home, or into a pillow.

The use of profanity when being directed at another user, “Fuck You” “Asshole” “Shithead,” is perfectly fine. No one is forcing any user to be a part of the public dialogue and by choosing to enter into the public arena on The Collective Platform you must be strong enough to take criticism, deserved or not, because sometimes People are just Assholes, grow up, deal with it.

Prejudice & Racism

Prejudicial and Racist remarks are not accepted in any way shape or form in the public arena and community spaces on The Collective Platform.  They serve no value to any conversation outside to be inflammatory. 

This applies to all types of Racist and Prejudicial behavior towards any group. Using known racial profanity, conjuring of stereotypes, and other tropes doesn’t make humanity better and it does not make our community better. 

Racism against ANY RACE will not be accepted. Period. People are individuals and should be taken for the content of their character as individuals. We aren’t Reddit or Twitter, Racism against “White” people will be dealt with the same way as racism against “Blacks” “Asians” “Latinos” “Green Aliens” “Blue Smurfs” and any other racial group.

Dialogue Dealing With Races

We are a platform where discussion about hard topics can take place. We believe that no matter how hard a conversation can be that there should be an opporutnity for it to take place and for people to become informed. These discussions may take place in public or community spaces and they may be open for the entire user base to participate in or they may take place in private groups reviewing research or other data.

Having conversations about topics that encompass race is guaranteed to piss off a lot of people and will be viewed as allowing Racist behaviour that would other wise go against the rules we set above. 

We do not believe the topic of Race to be off limits in the pursuit of truth. There is a clear line where the discussion of Science, Data, or Research crosses the line into Racism and that is where information and data is used in a derogatory application to an entire demographic. 

If any conversation or discussion devolves into prejudicial or racist behavior it will be shut down. If specific actors are seen using our policy of open discussion to create an air of toxicity, deemed to be acting in bad faith, or masking their racist or prejudicial ideology behind the use of science they will be banned from the platform forever.

As a society, we need to have hard conversations about a lot of things that will hurt a lot of peoples feelings. We wish to provide that platform to have the dialogue so that we can solve problems facing the American people and build a better and more just society for all Americans.

Public Arenas

The Collective Platform has Community or Public spaces where all users and Members can post updates, pictures, videos, and other items to share. 

While using public arenas on The Collective Platform you must abide by specific restrictions to how you conduct yourself and communicate your feelings and views. 

We’re not Twitter and we are not a “Say whatever you want platform.” We will not allow the Community space to turn into the dumpster fire that permeates the Twitter and Facebook platforms. 

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