Freedom Of Thought


As tech companies continue to push the limits of science and create bigger and better Artificial Intelligence technologies, the race is on to which group, country, or organization can create “IT” first.

Every peace of data you create can be fuel for an Artificial Intelligence System that you have zero control of. Armed with your most personal information and able to travel across devices and systems they can be used for whatever purpose, good or bad, is given to them.

  • Our Artificial Intelligence technology will be openly documented and is utilized only on a consent basis. You must elect into the program for our A.I. Technology to work for you.

  • Your timelines, news feeds, and other content streams are curated and controlled by your programming an algorithm that you own based on your engagement, ranking, and viewing patterns, stored in your TC DNA.

  • You will be able to view, delete, or reset your profile at any time. You own the data.

  • You will consent in to programs and services that utilize the data stored in your TC DNA with you in full control of the access to it.

For humanity to move forward each individual must have the ability to live free of manipulation by Artificial intelligence and be able to control their thoughts and actions.

There is no perfect safegaurd but the easiest and most straight forward solution is the complete ownership of the individuals personal data or Identity. If they don’t have  your data it makes it harder to manipulate you to their end goal.


Once you have consented into the technology program you have complete control over an individual A.I. that is not connected to or sharing data with any other system.

The Golden Rule rewards individuals and organizations that bring value to other lives in The Collective. 

Other TC Artificial Intelligence Technologies

The Collective utilizes a large amount of Artificial Intelligence across it’s ecosystem. We will be releasing more specific details in the near future that take a very in-depth look at our creations and their purposes.

Artificial Intelligence Operating System (A.I.O.S.)

Our A.I.O.S. is utilized as a part of our innovative TC DNA Technology.

The A.I.O.S. is an individualized Personal A.I. platform that works directly for The Collective Member in aggregating, organizing, and anonymizing your personal information as it is created or as you share it with The Collective. 

Anti-Ad A.I.

Our Anti-Ad Technology connects People with Brands, Businesses, and Organizations that can save our Members money or produce and provide products, services, and other items our Members want and need. It serves as a “match making” service that digests our Members purchasing and behavioral patterns and introduces them to a vetted Brand’s offering that aligns with their values.

TC Economics

TC Economics ingests and analyzes anonymized economic data shared by our Members with The Collective. 

The Collective takes the anonymized data and maps out the Micro and Macro economies and looks for ways to optimize connections, partnerships, and other viable strategies to extract the maximum amount of economic value for our members. This can take many forms such as; Mass Purchases to lower the price of a product of service our members have a high demand for, negotiation of favorable terms for TC Members, special perks or benefits that are only available to TC Members, and other economic windfalls.

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Data Ownership

The government thinks its the most important thing in the world, Big Tech makes billions of it a year, you pay to create it everyday, and corporations use it to deny you services. We think it’s time you get in on the action.

The Collective members own and control the data they create and are able to monetize it by exchanging or selling access to it. 

You create it, you control it, you own it. 

Verified People, Businesses, & Reviews

No Bots, No Fakes, & Real Accountability


Food, Flights, Hotels, And More

The more we learn about our Member’s spending habit the more we can connect them to the Brands, Products, Services, and Experiences they love. 

How It Works

The information our members share with us about what they spend their money on and their likes and follows on The Collective Platform help us understand whats important to them. Once members share a couple months of their expenses we can simply optimize for their happiness. 

Your Data Used To Benefit YOU, Not Companies
Up To $1,000 Cashback On Life

Spend, Snap,
Get Cashback

TC Members can cash in every time they spend money. Members who share their expenses by uploading their receipts and bills get cashback paid out monthly!

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